Hi all,

Apologies for the delay in this email, I have moved over the holidays and don’t have regular access to a computer any more, I appreciate this is a bit late notice if you hadn’t figured out the training dates for 2019-2020.
We are back at YOSC tomorrow as usual, 6-7pm, at the track. If the weather holds up over the coming weeks we may get one or two more bike sessions in before Autumn and the rain proper hits, but no bikes are needed for tomorrow.

We will get the new swim dates on the website soon, but for the time being for those who like to plan ahead (sorry I don’t have excel so cannot attach a neater document with dates!) the swim dates are as follows:

Sept: 8th and 22nd
Oct: 6th and 20th
Nov: 10th and 24th
Dec: 1st and 15th
Jan: 12th and 19th
Feb: 2nd and 9th
March: 15th and 29th
April: 26th (just one session due to all the holidays)
May: 10th and 17th
June: 7th and 21st
July: 5th and 23rd

Run dates are every term time Monday (if the South Glos Website says its in term, we have booked the track- sometimes this might mean we are training on a day your child’s school is closed for teacher training). If you’re unsure of are running dates, drop me an email. I will update the Facebook group regularly with each months training dates so you can remind yourselves, also.

If you have any questions before tomorrow evening, I should be able to respond around midday tomorrow at work (otherwise apologies I won’t be able to reply until after training in the evening).

Kind regards,

Head Coach, Yate Tri-stars.